Thursday, 29 May 2014

I’ve been asked to do grocery list for you so let’s start! Every week I’ll put my weekly grocery list on the facebook page with pics but I want to explain why and how I choose everything. Don’t forget to check the weekly list for season surprises and new adventures.
Just to make sure you understand: I don’t buy it all in once but its stuff that I do buy!
·         Banana - If you do weight lifting and only on the days you lift you can have it
·         Berries - prefer fresh if you do choose to go for frozen make sure it UNSWEETEND, blueberries are the best choice then it blackberries/raspberries, cranberries and etc. and of course NO DRIED FRUITS!
·         Lemons or lime to add taste and to put in your water to clean your liver.
·         Local fruits you can add one small fruit to your food just try to make sure it local or not as high in sugar. I love grapes but I don’t but it all the time, same with pineapple…water melon however its nice…full with water and easy on your waist line (again, watch the amount) in the season I like having pomegranate.  I change it a lot and I try to cut on the sugary fruit or limited
 1 per day.
·         Tomato and cucumber (yes I consider tomato as veggie)
·         Green leaves (lettuce should be your last choice I much prefer you to go with kale, spinach, arugula, Swiss chard etc.)
·         Mushroom (shitake are anti fungal and they the best for you, if you trying to lose weight mushroom are great way to feel full and keep the calories low)
·         Onion (green are the best then purple, yellow, white and sweet)
·         Hot Peppers (I use jalapeno to spice my food and sometime I use chillies too)
·         Bell peppers (I don’t over eat them but probably once every 2-3 week I’ll buy it)
·         Asparagus (green and don’t forget to remove the steams)
·         Broccoli (it’s a must!!! Packed with everything! Don’t skip it and don’t forget to check post 34 because it just about broccoli…the KING)
·         Brussels sprout (low in carbs full with nutrition and give a nice twist for everything)
·         Cauliflower (because it awesome)
·         Green bean (PROTIEN)
·         Artichoke (superfood but sometimes annoying…I only buy it if I find frozen heart I don’t have the patience to deal with the leaves)
·         Fennel (superfood)
·         Watercress (superfood)
·         Okra (superfood)
·         Eggplant (superfood and also give you feel like you eating something very filling but still pretty low in calories)
·         Beet (superfood and also give you feel like you eating something very filling but still pretty low in calories)
·         Celery (you really need me to explain why?)
·         Yams (don’t forget to check post 36 to know more about it)
·         Quinoa (post 30)
·         Oats (don’t forget to check post 38 to know more about it)
·         Wild rice/brown rice
·         squash (winter and summer)
·         peas, carrot and corn (I don’t eat those things right now but you can )
·         lean turkey breast/lean ground turkey breast
·         lean chicken breast/lean ground chicken breast
·         lean beef
·         bison
·         fish (salmon is the best then tuna then anything and sole/basa/tilapia are you last choice)
·         canned tuna in water
·         Greek yogurt or probiotic yogurt
·         Eggs
·         Milk/chocolate milk (only in days I do weight training)
·         Lentils/beans (just because it nice to change sometime…not more then 1 every 2 weeks include hummus)
·         Once every 3-4 weeks I get to eat bacon (and I wish its was more)
·         Olive oil (extra virgin)
·         Coconut oil (ghee work too, check post 1 for more info)
·         Any natural nut butter (try cashew its great)
·         Hot sauce
·         Mayo (light)
·         Mustard
Lemon juice

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Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Let’s talk about Quinoa.
What is it? Why does everybody love it so much? Is it different from rice? Is it considered carbs? How to cook it? And where do I find recipes!
So first of all, this is how it looks:
And this how it looks after been cooked:
There’s evidence that the natives in South America have been eating those seeds for the last 3000 years!!! And researchers suggest that Quinoa Quinoa was here 5000 BC…  Pretty amazing if you ask me….
It looks like a grain but it is actually a family member of spinach and swiss chard.
Many researchers refer to Quinoa as a "pseudocereal." This term is typically used to describe foods that are not grasses but can still be easily ground into flour.
Here in North America we have 3 kind of Quinoa (brown, black and red) but in Bolivia they have more than 250 kinds of quinoa!
There’s so much to talk about the history of Quinoa but you don’t really care about it… If you are, you can check this website
It’s popular for 2 reasons: it is gluten free and it is high in protein.
If you think that  oats and wild rice are high in protein, just know that Quinoa is higher…just to let you know… Quinoa Quinoa is carbs! A very good carbs that you should have… Full of fibres and protein and low on sugar.
The easy way to cook it?
Boil water, add Quinoa and put it on low heat till all water is gone. Water to Quinoa ratio is 1:1.
Recipes? They’re endless but I’ll give you some…
Cook and add it to salads.

Ideas for salad can be:
·         Quinoa, chicken breast, steamed broccoli, grape tomato, olive oil and lemon.
·         Quinoa, chicken breast, arugula, tomato, basil and balsamic.
·         Quinoa, peas, green onion, mayo and lemon.
·         Quinoa, cucumber, parsley, tomato, olive oil and lemon.
·         Or….add a few tbsp. to your salad.
The stuff you can do with that it endless so if you’re looking for more ideas (stuffed peppers with quinoa, Quinoa balls, breakfast ideas) check the Facebook page

See you!

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Rule 29.
Summer is approaching and so do all the “bikini ready diets” and of course the detox diets.
It sounds soooo good! 10lb in 10 DAYS!!!
Really? Really?
If losing weight was so easy won’t we all be victoria secret models?
If you choose to lose weight by detoxing, enjoy! I hope you like gaining weight because that’s what’s going to happen to you!
Let’s make it clear: if, for some reason, you choose to do a detox - do it for the cleansing of the body and not for the loss of weight because you’re just hurting your body and screwing your metabolism.
The whole idea of detox is stupid.
Detox is the anti “EAT THE CAKE AND NOT GET FAT”. I’m into eating healthy tasty food all year round and loving yourself and life.
Detox is all about eating crap for 360 days a year and hate yourself for that and then eating nothing for 5 days and hate your life. What the point??
I DON’T GET IT!!!!!!
weight loss is so easy! Trust me! I did it! And, unlike most of you, I kept it off. You know why? I didn’t detox I changed my life style to eat clean all year round.
I know I said it before but nobody seems to get it
I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt that you’re not stupid; so you know that eating crap is bad for you. You also know that cutting calories like that is bad for you.
You’re taking bad and bad and guess what you get? One FAT UNHEALTHY you!
You know what else I like? The detox you do in order to know if you’re allergic to something. If you cut EVERYTHING (like sugar, gluten, dairy, red meat and etc.), then when you add all of it back you’re going to get sick. It’s pointless.
You know who really likes detox? A nutritionist who’s trying to make a name for herself. You lose 10 lb in 10 days and you’re going to pay her. Then you add dairy, sugar, gluten back to your diet and get sick…, guess who you’re going to pay to save you….? Just saying.
What I want you do to is to changed your lifestyle so that it will be healthy; detox can be dangerous to your health!!!

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Thursday, 22 May 2014

Rule 28: Control your food; don’t let your food control you!
I talk about meal prep all the time!!! And why is that? Because If you’re not prepared you’re going to end up eating whatever is cheapest, closest an fastest, like…junk food!
But controlling your food goes a lot deeper than that… Most of us have issues with food. It varies from person to person, but we all have our issues and part of being prepared is also to prevent those issues from controlling you.
Eating disorder is not just anorexia; it can come in all ways snd shapes and I still haven’t met someone who doesn’t suffer from it.
Some people suffer from it and need professional help but most of you are able to stop using stupid excuses, get up and take control over your food!
Meal prep is not an option in the world we live! It’s not a choice! The sooner you understand that, the sooner you get your result! Simple!
I talk about it so much, but you need to control you food.
Here are some tips:
·         Drink water. Sometimes we confuse hunger with thirst, so make sure you always have water with you. It’s part of being prepared.
·         Make sure that when you leave your house you have 2 meals with you.
·         I’m not a big fan of it health-wise, but it works when you’re on a diet: Sugar free gum.
·         Don’t care about what your co-worker/friends/family have to say. They’re jealous and fat!
·         Make the meal prep your thing! Make it pretty! Take pics and post them online! Be proud that you’re controlling you food and not the other way around.
·         Listen to your body! As you start making your own food, you’re going to notice changes in what you like and able to eat. When your insides are not burning from processed crap you get from your love for sweet/sour/spicy and etc. You’re also going to find things that you are sensitive to .Listen and change it J
·         Don’t be afraid to dump it in the garbage. Its better than in your body. You can also go the homeless shelter and maybe they would like it… But then again, if you don’t want your food because of how it tastes you might want to consider giving it to somebody else. But honestly…stop with that. Stop being cheap with your money start being smart with your health and goals.
·         Before you start making the food. Write EVERYTHING you’re going to eat ALL week! Then check out what’s the fastest way to make it.
·         Don’t forget to make dessert! Control you food and, more important, control your cheating!


Frozen yogurt: So simple it’s sad. Grab a yogurt (I go for plain to cut on excess sugar), grab a frozen fruit of your choice (last time I used mango), and add half a scoop of vanilla protein powder. Blend and freeze in smell boxes.

Chocolate frozen yogurt: plain yogurt, 1 tbsp cacao powder. Blend and freeze.

Bounty’s: first heat 5 tbsp coconut oil. When it’s fully melted add 1 tbsp honey. Wait until the coconut oil is thick again (I put it in the freezer for 10 min). Add SLOWLY 80 grams of shredded coconut. Make sure it’s still sticky and then make balls. Put in the freezer for 30 min. While you wait heat the chocolate (the darker the better). Roll the ball through the chocolate and cool it.

Ice cream: Mix 1 scoop of protein powder with ¼ cup of your choice of milk. Freeze.

Now go enjoy you cheating.

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Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Rule 27.
Whey protein.
Is it bad? Is it good? Should a woman have it? Should you mix it with food or fluid? Which one should you have?
So… is whey protein good for you? Not as natural protein source is good for you. Cave men didn’t find it on the trees, it’s an unnatural source of protein. An unnatural source of protein I have pretty much every day.
We’re not cave men. Most of us work 9-5 and some of us are even able to squeeze a workout in our super busy life.
Protein powder is easy, fast and better than junk food.
We will talk about it more next week when we discuss rule 28: control your food and don’t let your food control you; having protein powder can help you when you’re short on time to make the right choices and control your appetite.
Who should have it? If you’re lifting and you have a full-time work you can probably benefit from it. Why does it matter? Like I said before, if you have time to make sure you eat enough protein, then it’s better. But if you’re lifting you need more protein to repair the muscle and therefore you can benefit from it.
The recommended daily allowance for protein for a potato couch is 50gm.  If you’re active it goes up, depending on your activity level. When I try to gain muscle I try to hit 150gm a day. Whey protein helps me reach this goal.
If you are a cardio queen you can skip it. As much as you probably don’t like to hear it you need more carbs to fuel yourself if you’re trying to lose weight you need to go and lift something… That’s the only thing that’s going to help you.
So yes: women and men can benefit from whey. If they’re active and if they can get it in in a natural way. (Like chicken or egg).
Should you mix it with food or fluid? The easy way to have it is to add it to water or milk. (Water is better for you; you do save some calories). When you get into bodybuilding you can add it to food but if you just come to the gym to work out and to lose some fat you really don’t need it. You can just have your food as it is…. Don’t go on a bodybuilder diet if you’re not a bodybuilder. Enjoy you carbs.
However if you do want to mix it with food, there’s nothing wrong with that! I will give you recipes in the end to try….there’s nothing wrong with exploring your food.
What kind you should have? If you’re trying to lose weight go for something low in calories and, more important, low in sugar! Stevia is ok, but refined sugar is a big no no!
If you’re trying to gain muscle, go for something with more calories. Ask the sales person to help you. This is their job! I love chocolate flavour… There also fruit flavours. Usually they’re  lower in calories but they’re also not as filling.
Make sense? Great!
Protein bars:
Watch how much you eat! It tastes good but you don’t want to over eat it…
·  Whey Protein Powder, Chocolate, 6 scoops
·  Oats, 1 cup
·  Peanut Butter, Natural, 16 ounces
·  Honey, 8 tablespoons
Stir and heat the honey and the pb. Mix with the oats and whey. Put in a grease pan and shove it in the fridge overnight.
Cut and eat J
Chocolate protein pancake:
·  1 scoop chocolate whey
·  2 tbsp your choice of milk
·  1/3 cup egg white
·  1 tbsp coco powder
Mix and fry it in a pan.
Ice cream protein:
·  1 1/2 cup coconut milk.
·  1/3 cup protein powder (vanilla)
·  1 cup your choice of berries
Blend it with ice.

Now go play!

Research and writing by Dana Gat ©2014

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Rule 26 is about being sick or injured while training.
Where is the crossing line? When do we keep training and when do we take a day off?
Should our food intake change? How about fluid intake?
Rule 26 is the one rule you don’t want to break no matter what. Unlike the other rules, here it is very black and white. If you don’t keep this rule you can end up with more health problem and more injury.
So let’s start!
When you’re sick, if you have fever, you’re dizzy or whatever, what is making you sick is in your lungs (cough DOES NOT count as being sick); so you should skip your workout. If you’re vomiting, skip the workout.
At any other time you should just stop being lazy because working out (this is when you want to do cardio) is going to make you feel better a lot faster than watching TV.
If you’re on medicines like antibiotics or pain killers given to you by your doctor, (sorry - pain killer for pms doesn’t count) - skip a workout;Not all of them…but at least one for sure.
Moving of injury.
Yes, you keep training while doing rehab to it. You can train other parts while strengthen the injured part.
Ever wondered why so many former athletes finish on the biggest loser? They get injured and start being lazy. Being injure can be a blessing, you get to know your body in so many different ways that make you a better athlete.
You’re not an athlete? If you train and eat right, for me you are an athlete! 
Why am I saying it?
Because athletes don’t diet – they eat and train!
Anyway, going back to the post…lol
Let’s talk about food. The only time you need to change your food is when you just finished taking antibiotics; then you need a probiotic yogurt. 
Fluids. Yes - drink more. If you’re sick you need to cleanse your body; if you’re injured you need to cleanse your body.
When I said fluids I meant water, with lemon. You can add some more food that contains water, such as cucumber, water melon and grapefruit. But mostly - 99% - water.
Does it make sense?

 Research and writing by Dana Gat ©2014